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Things you should never travel without

Don't forget these items for your next trip!

Passport or IDs

This goes without saying, but you should ensure your travel documents are not expired and have more than 6 months prior to expiry. These should reflect the way you look and your current legal name. They should also not be damaged.

Phone Bank and Charger

We use our phones for everything when we travel: take photos, load them to our social media, take videos, look up places to visit, and communicate with our loved ones. Make sure that you don't find yourself in the middle of a beautiful spot without charge.

Debit Card to Take Out Cash

There are still lots of places that only function with cash or prefer cash over cards. If you travel abroad and do not have your debit card, you may have to get creative to get cash because it will seriously limit your ability to do all of your activities and purchase gifts.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance includes lots of items that your regular insurance does not cover, and it also enables you to travel safely back home should you be seriously injured. The insurance usually provides some coverage for travel to a care facility and more.

Immunization and Prescription Paperwork

Nowadays, it is best to travel with a physical and digital copy of your COVID vaccine. It is also a good idea to carry copies of prescription paperwork in case of an emergency if you cannot reach your doctor.


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