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As a solo female traveler, I wanted something that would allow me to meet people on my travels - safely. This is how SheTravelSafe was created. I envisioned a world where travelers could connect with sisters around the world, find travel buddies with similar budgets and hobbies, or meet locals. I had found it hard to find people to travel with me whether it was because we traveled differently, didn't like spending money the same way, or had different time off schedules. All the women I met on my travels said they wish they had better ways to meet and connect with women. SheTravelSafe was developed with this in mind - an app for us to easily connect and meet verified women travelers.

Hope you join us,

Marianne - Founder

How it works

The best part of traveling is the strangers that became my friends

Marianne - Founder

Our Mission

Our Mission

Connecting verified women travelers in order to empower them to feel safer and more confident to travel.

Traveling Girl

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