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Community Standards

Last Updated 1 April 2023

SheTravelSafe’s (Arctic Tern LLC) Community Standards (these “Community Standards”) are not all encompassing, but are used as a guideline for what might constitute as being against our platform rules. Our platform does not condone harassment (sexual, physical, verbal, visual), cyber-bullying, discrimination, unhealthy or toxic behavior, or violence of any kind towards any user (“User”). Violence includes, but is not limited to, intent to, threaten to, or incite violence against another User. This includes, but is not limited to, sexual violence, physical violence/assault, verbal violence, and emotional violence. Posting photos or content that support the former may be removed.

Not following these rules can result in, including, but not limited to, in no specific order, emails notifying the user to remove the photos or content, suspension of the user’s account, termination of the user’s account, and removal of the user from the platform for the entire user’s life. If you see content or photos that you think could be harmful, please contact us.

Harassment can look like:

  • Recreating an account after you’ve been blocked by user A to message that user A again

  • Creating a fake account(s) to message, track, stalk, or bother a user

  • Making someone fear or become anxious for their safety

  • Continuing to message a user after they have told you ‘no’ (for example: that your behavior or message is inappropriate)

  • Asking another user (user B) to message user A after user A blocked you

  • Demeaning, humiliating, or intimidating a user

Sexual Harassment more specifically can look like:

  • Making or using derogatory comments, epithets, slurs, sexually explicit jokes, or comments about a user’s body or dress

  • Continuing unwanted sexual advances and/or threatening to retaliate when a user says ‘no’

Cyber-Bullying can look like:

  • Criticizing a user for their most hated or most despised flaws and using their weaknesses against them over and over again

  • Enticing a user to commit suicide or bring harm to themselves or others

  • Pushing a user to do something they would not otherwise do if it were not for your unkind words

  • Using unkind and disrespectful language over a longer period of time

  • Mocking victims, degrading or shaming users for being in a group different than you

  • Sending, posting, sharing negative, harmful, false, or unkind content about a user

  • Distributing or posting content about a user from within our app to outside of the app

Discrimination can look like:

  • Any sufficiently severe or pervasive visual, verbal, or physical conduct towards a group of people that would cause risk or harm to that group of people

  • Attacking a User either unconsciously or consciously through microaggressions or derogatory terms

  • Unconsciously putting people in boxes, categories, or upholding a past experience you went through with one person against an entire group of people

Unhealthy and toxic behavior can look like:

  • Guilting another user for not meeting with you to the point where they feel forced to meet with you

  • Using words or actions in a manner that can distress a user by making them feel inferior about their beauty, wellbeing, happiness, or other aspect of themselves or the group they belong to so that you can retain the upper hand

  • Preventing a user from meeting or updating their loved ones/others about whom they’re speaking with or whom they’re hanging out with when hanging with or talking with you

  • Using power differentials to control another individual

  • Threatening a user with sharing their information with someone outside of the platform

  • Intimidating, coercing, or threatening a user

  • Stalking or controlling by intimidation/instilling fear in a user

Any of the above can turn abusive or violent.

Violence can look like:

  • Punching, hitting, slapping, or any physical harm of another user when meeting

  • Touching or fondling a person’s body without consent, such as, their groin or breast area

  • Kidnapping or disappearance of another user

  • Non-consensual sexual activity

Remember, a User does not have to continue to message you if they don’t want to. If they feel comfortable telling you they are no longer interested, that’s great. However, not everybody possesses the communication skills to say ‘no’ nor will want to communicate with you after they are no longer interested or are scared. Ghosting is accepted in these situations and sometimes cutting ties with someone is the safest way to exit a situation. We can understand if you want to re-message someone after not getting a response the first time– the message could have been opened and closed without responding, by accident. However, after messaging them that second time, please don’t bother the user again if they have not responded by the second time.

At the end of the day, people do not owe you their time or their energy.

Try to be kind and show empathy and compassion:

  • If you don’t have anything kind to say, we suggest you don’t say anything

  • If you don’t agree with a user’s profile information (photos or content) because they are inappropriate, they do not match your values (for ex: environmental friendliness or human rights) please contact us. Please do not initiate these conversations. Please just keep moving on and focus on all the other users you would like to get in contact with instead.

  • Treat others as they would want to be treated (not as you would want to be treated)

  • Not everyone will have gone through the same past, same history, same traditions, same culture, same ‘anything’ in past, present, or future. As such, we all have different ways of understanding and viewing the world. Most of us carry traumas and most of us are going through a lot of things. Don’t add onto someone’s worries.

Other rules, we expect users:

  • To be authentic and put on their real pictures and real information (including, but not limited to, age)

  • Not lie about their identity or provide false information to gain access to higher security levels

  • Not lie or provide fake references or pay someone to provide a reference

  • To not provide any of their information to non-users and allow others to log into their profile

Do not use the platform to:

  • Sell goods or services

  • Date

  • Stalk someone

  • Do unkind things, in general

Some photos or content that may not be appropriate to post:

  • Content that could be deemed to promote abuse of animals

  • Underage children, especially ones that are not your own

  • In bad taste or non-historical or non-contextual: neighborhoods or individuals suffering through poverty or houselessness, concentration camps, and memorials

Do not post photos or content:

  • That would be in violation or steal someone’s intellectual property (copyright or trademark violations)

  • That could spread misinformation

  • Financial information or other private information not requested for your profile

  • Of sexual content or nudity

  • Of wounded or dead individuals or animals

  • That would violate another user’s privacy or be retaliatory

  • That dehumanize others

  • That advocate for genocide or ethnic cleansing

  • That could exploit humans or promote violation of human rights

  • Of weapons or explosives

In general, we value the diversity of this community and this will mean you will encounter or interact with users who may be different than you on: race, gender (identity or expression), color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability (mental or physical), sex, military (or veteran) status, political beliefs, or other factors.

SheTravelSafe (formerly: Arctic Tern) reserves the right to identify, change, and update any item within these Community Standards without prior notification to our users. SheTravelSafe (formerly: Arctic Tern) also reserves the right to make a final decision about whether photos, content, or behavior actually falls within violation of any category. These Community Standards apply when users utilize our services, our mobile application, interact with our mobile application, or interact with other users.

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